Patricia Eppolito-Kreiner began practicing Pilates in 1999 to rehabilitate an Ice dancing injury. Patti received her first Pilates Certification with PhysicalMind Institute in 1999 in New York. Patti is Faculty/ Presenter for Balanced Body for Pilates, MOTR™and Anatomy in Three Dimensions. 
Patti is now located at:

                                                         2450 Hollywood Blvd

                                                         Hollywood, Florida

Patti has taught group apparatus classes for a year @ Club Pilates acting as lead teacher. Having done so, Patti has been sought out and hired by several Club Pilates Owners to Mentor their Lead Teachers and instructors teaching Master Classes to their Staff of Pilates instructors for Group Apparatus within their Guidlines how to keep classes flowing and creative. Along with Continuing education courses as a Balanced Body Master Teacher Trainer. Patti  was the lead teacher/trainer for the Equinox Pilates Institute. Pilates Coordinator for Equinox Woodbury and Roslyn from 2006-2014. Patti was the East Coast Coordinator/ Trainer for CoreFitness Roller. Introducing classes on the CoreFitness Roller/ MOTR™ @ Equinox. Patti hopes to inspire others to explore and teach clients how to improve their concentration, build stamina, increase range of motion, coordination/ balance, correct alignment, prevent injuries for their active lifestyle and help those recover from injuries. 

Patti is interested in educating others with Pilates regardless of their weight, gender or age to help empower their own bodies, where mind/ body functions as a whole, creating a balanced well being. Patti has over 40 years of experience in the dance field. Patti danced at the age of 16 in NYC @Renee Ricca dance studio. Patti is Member of I.D.E.A. and P.M.A. Certified, ACE Certified. Power Pilates, Buff Bones®, Bone Up™ with Tye4®. She is also an Alumni of F.A.M.I. (Functional Anatomy Meets Injury@ Mount Sinai). She is Insured by Philadelphia Insurance company, Fitness And Wellness.

why choose me?

patti eppolito-kreiner

After you’ve taught for a while, you may feel an entrepreneurial spark igniting inside you, and the prospect of owning your own facility may seem very attractive. Before committing to this path, I can provide you with the following steps:
* Develop a business plan with help from a certified professional.
* Decide whether you will be the only Pilates instructor or  

   whether you will hire others.
Think about where your real interests lie. Do you want to manage a business, or do you want to teach and train clients?